Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Dishwasher Saga Contines

I am currently hiding in my room as I type this.  I am wondering how long it will take them to find me.  It is 5:42.  

The dishwasher saga continues.  

I never dreamed that little children would like a new dishwasher so very much.  Had we realized this, we might have waited a few months and just gotten them one for Christmas. I would dare say that they are even more fascinated by it than I am. They haven't seem to have left its side for the past several hours, and they have asked me about ten times what each button does. I am not even sure what each button does. But I tell them, "they do what you want them to do, they make beeping noises and start water running and flash little lights." 

This afternoon, I finally had enough dishes to load in the dishwasher and use it for a full cycle to see what kind of magic it would produce. After leaving the kitchen for a few moments to take a pause to check my facebook, (least I miss out on what everyone I have ever known has done in the past twenty minutes), they had opened the washer in the middle of the cycle and dumped a bunch of extra soap in it, just for good measure. Realizing that this might be too much, they were scooping it out of the hole and dumping the excess off onto the floor.  Because that's what you do with excess dishwasher detergent, naturally.  

At the end of the day, my middle child handed me a green cup, and marveled about how well the dishwasher cleaned it. He was truly mesmerized by this machine's remarkable abilities to clean. This was after a fun afternoon of playing with their brand new dunk tank/rocketship that floated to the ceiling (large empty dishwasher box.) So anyway, that's about it for the dishwasher saga, until tomorrow.  I have to go now, for I have been found out.  6:10, and I am being ambushed with a dishtowel. 


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