Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Some silly observations.

We live in a very weird world. Think about this:

We spend most of our days staring into little boxes, scrolling around with our index finger.

We often bring everyone we've ever known along with us to experience what we ate for lunch, dinner and we sometimes bring them on our family vacations.

We are able to experience tragedy that happened around the world, often before we even recognize the tragedy that might be going on under our own roof.

Everyone is famous, at the click of a button.  What does it mean to become famous if pretty much everyone is famous?

Our guiding light in the world is based on the next trending thing that is going to shock us, make our jaw drop, or our blood boil.

Everyone is out fighting for a cause. And I mean fighting.

People read books on a screen.

And best of all, today I saw kale super food lotion at the store.

Yes, we live in a very weird world indeed!


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